Cenveo Announces Kadena™ 2.0
New Technology Platform to Transform Print Supply Chains

STAMFORD, Conn., June 27, 2017  /PRNewswire/ -- Cenveo, Inc. (NYSE: CVO), a world leader in print communications solutions, today announced the launch of Kadena™ 2.0—a cloud-based platform focused on the performance of print and mail communications, fulfillment and supply chain management for mid to large sized enterprises.

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"This is the technology innovation the market has been waiting for," said Michael Burton, Cenveo's Chief Operating Officer.  "By offering a unique set of expert applications within a single platform, Kadena™ transforms inefficient business processes and creates significant new value from our customers' print and fulfillment communications programs," Burton added.

Modular Technology Solutions
The power of Kadena™ is in its collection of expert modules, offering plug-and-play flexibility, so solutions can be quickly deployed from as many or as few modules as needed to fit customers' exact business requirements.

At the core of Kadena™ is K-Center™, a SaaS-based e-Commerce hub that acts as a control center for initiating, tracking and coordinating print, fulfillment and sourcing projects across the supply chain.  Other Kadena™ modules include:

  • K-List™ - a list processor for optimizing direct mail campaign performance
  • K-Compose™ - an innovative templating application for design personalization
  • K-Proof™ - a powerful virtual proofing tool for shortening review cycles
  • K-DAM™ - a robust digital asset manager for flexible control of content assets
  • K-Source™ - an advanced marketplace sourcing environment.

Cenveo plans to officially release K-Insight™—a data analytics module—within the coming weeks.  With it, users can optimize programs by identifying performance anomalies, analyzing trends and patterns and combining diverse data sets to generate new business insights.

Generates Real New Value
"The Kadena™ platform is a direct response to customer needs to innovate customers' supply chains to be more responsive and deliver better ROI," said John Egan, Chief Product Officer with Cenveo.  "At its core Kadena™ resolves two big issues for customers—supply chain fragmentation that results in inefficiencies and hidden costs and the need for agile technologies to help adapt to an increasingly digital marketplace and provide greater transparency across the chain," Egan added.

Kadena™ currently supports over 4,000 registered users, over 2,000 products and has processed over 6,000 projects since it was launched last year.  Customers have come from diverse market segments including travel & leisure, food services, retail apparel, consumer software and utilities.  Kadena™ 2.0 will be generally available starting July 2017.

Cenveo (NYSE: CVO), world headquartered in Stamford, Connecticut, is a leading global provider of print and related resources, offering world-class solutions in the areas of custom labels, envelopes, commercial print, content management and publisher solutions.  The company provides a one-stop offering through services ranging from design and content management to fulfillment and distribution.  With a worldwide distribution platform, we pride ourselves on delivering quality solutions and services every day for our more than 100,000 customers.  For more information, please visit us at www.cenveo.com.

Inquiries should be directed to Solutions@CenveoKadena.com.

For more information on Cenveo and Kadena, visit: http://www.cenveokadena.com



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